The BEAT System

The problem i usually have with JRPG is how routine the players skills become, especially the normal attack.

Even with huge budget JRPG like the final fantasy series when the character reaches the middle to end of their growth the player has become so unchallenged by encounters that they end up spamming the default command: attack.

I feel with the BEAT system I’ve solved half of that problem, the BEAT system ties equipment, character growth and skill variety all into one bundle. The concept of roles is turned on its head, A characters abilities are tied to their equipment and only supplemented by the Model System which i will explain in later posts. A character can hold a weapon in either hand, each weapon comes with its own set of commands. The basic attack and the peak attack. The peak attack is a forced command that replaces the base attack when the BEAT gauge is full.

For this demo ill exhibit the basic sword and shield weapons. 


The default command for sword is slash and the default command for shield is shield.

*Note: When empty the main hand defaults to slap and the offhand defaults to block.

Upon dealing/taking damage the beat gauge is increased.

At 100 BEAT the attack command changes into the PEAK skill: Power stab while the shield has changed to the PEAK skill: Parry.

All melee PEAK skills will use the BEAT gauge as a bonus. With this character the BEAT guage peaks at 100 granting +100 damage to the already powered up skill.

This system when used with a full party keeps the variety of combat fresh for much longer as any character can have their role shifted as easy as switching their weapons no need for skill trees or grinding. For my demo i used a fodder enemy(literally) but most enemies in Food Fighter have a similar health pool and damage potential to the player so spamming through a fight can easily lead to death. I look forward to showcasing this later.

The BEAT system goes a bit deeper than what I’ve explained so far changing the gameplay for magic, guns/bows and machines but those systems are still under development i hope to be able to share soon.

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